ACR SmartReader
Multi channel, Configurable, 8 bit data loggers with 10 year battery life, remote access via modem, 32K memory

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SmartReader 1 2 channel temperature 
SmartReader 2 4 channel temperature & relative humidity
SmartReader 3 4 channel AC current & temperature
SmartReader 4 5 channel Pressure, Temp, RH
SmartReader 5 3 channel, Temperature thermocouple
SmartReader 6 7 channel, Temperature thermocouple
SmartReader 7 8 channel process signal
SmartReader 8 8 channel temperature thermistor
General Product Specifications
107 x 74 x 22 mm (4.2 x 2.9 x 0.9").
Weight: 110 grams (3.75 ounces)
Case Material:  Noryl Plastic.
Operating Limits:  -40C to 70C (-40F to 158F) and 0 to 95% Relative Humidity (non-condensing).
Clock Accuracy: +/-2 seconds per day
Battery: 3.6 volt Lithium, 1 Amp-Hour.
Power Consumption: 5 to 10 microamps (continuous).
Battery Life: 10 year warrantee (under normal use). Factory replaceable.
External Connector Removable screw-type terminal strip with Common (-) connection.
Mounting: Magnetic backing or locking eyelet.
Memory Size  32 K (32, 768 readings).
Sampling Methods
1. Continuous (First- in, First- out).
2. Stop when full (Fill- then- stop).
Sampling Rates: User selectable rates between 8 seconds to once every 5 days.
Resolution: 8 bits (1 part in 256).
PC Requirements IBM PC or 100% compatible running MS Windows 3.1, 95, 98, or NT, with a least
2 MB RAM, 2 MB of hard drive disk space and one free serial port.
Product Approvals
Meets Part 15 for Digital Devices of the Code of Federal Regulations of the 
Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Meets Class A radiated and
conducted emission requirements of Section 2 of the Radio Interference Regulations of
Communications Canada. IEC801-2, 3, 4 and EN55011 covering ESD, RFI Immunity, EFT/
Burst and Radiated Emissions respectively for the Commission of the European Communities (CE).
Resistance to X-Rays:
Tested for protection against a 160kV dose  @ 5mA for 30 seconds (150mA-sec) @ 38 inches F.F.D. 
 (about 100 times that of an airport X-Ray machine). Tested for protection against Gamma Ray 
(equivalent to 0.137-1.38 mega volts) IR 192 - 28 curies @ 30 second exposure source to object distance 5".
Internal Temperature Sensor (common on all models).
 Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor. 10,000 ohms @ 25C (77F).
Range  -40 to 70C (-40 to 158F)
Tolerance (sensor only): +/- 0.2C, over the range of 0 to 70C (+/-0.3F, over the range of 32 to 158F)
Resolution: 0.4C (0.7F) @ 25C. Better than 1C (1.8F) between -25C ( -13F) and 70C
(158F). Better than 2.0C (3.6F) between - 40C ( -40F) and -25C ( -13F).
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